20. Measurement of the specific heat capacity for a solid

  • 00:16 What do you think is the appropriate final temperature?
  • 01:29 Compare your answer with a data book value. Was your calculated value of specific thermal capacity too high / low?
  • Which of the measurements you made is likely to be the one most in error? In which direction is it in error, and why might this be?
  • 1 kg blocks for thermal capacity

  • 12 V immersion heater (typically 60 W)

  • thermometer, 0 – 100 oC

  • power supply, 0 – 12 V rated to supply 6 A

  • 4 mm leads

  • two digital multimeters

  • stopwatch

Hazard Risk Control measure


Hot metals can cause severe burns

Students should wear eye protection and should handle apparatus with tongs.