The resource focuses on the core and compulsory practical exercises as highlighted in the WJEC’s new specifications for AS and A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  It aims to help learners to strengthen their practical skills in preparation for written examination papers and to create their ‘laboratory book’ as required in the new courses. The resource is designed to be used for independent learning and in the classroom to help teachers support learners’ practical skills.  

The resource consists of engaging, up-to-date and realistic practical video clips. Each video clip has commentary from a practitioner and includes appropriate questions to support learners in making decisions about the most appropriate methods and procedures.

Starting with the experimental set-up, learners are introduced to key vocabulary required in science, such as accuracy, repeatability etc. and this is developed through the video clips to ensure that the qualities of good data are at the forefront of learners’ minds as they engage with the clips. The practitioner commentary explains the processes, skills and techniques being used in the video clip.

The video clips can be downloaded separately without the practitioner’s commentary. This enables learners or teachers to design , produce and deliver their own voiceover.

The resource is indexed and organised into each subject area through a filter list.

Each video clip has DVD capabilities such as pause, stop, fast forward, rewind.