01. Measurement of the density of solids

  • 00:20 In which order should we place the columns? What independent variables are involved?  
  • 00:29 Where should the units go in a table? 
  • 00:34 Are we measuring mass or weight? What is the difference?
  • 01:23 What is the point of a Vernier gauge? Why not just use a ruler?
  • 01:34 Explain the difference between the terms ‘accuracy’ and ‘precision’.
  • 01:43 How many significant figures should we use?



  • various regularly shaped solids both rectangular and circular

  • 30cm ruler (resolution ± 0.1cm)

  • vernier callipers / micrometer (resolution ± 0.01mm)

  • balance (resolution ± 0.1g / 1g)

Hazard Risk Control measure

Pinching of skin by callipers

Vernier callipers can cause nasty cuts if they close on fingers.

Take care when holding callipers and wear gloves

Continued, long term, ingestion of lead is toxic

Ingestion of lead

When handling materials such as lead, wear gloves wash your hands afterwards.