23. Investigation into factors affecting respiration in yeast

  • 00:54 Why is sucrose solution added to the yeast suspension?
  • 01:12 Why must the syringe have a weight on top?
  • 01:25 What gas is given off?
  • 01:30 How could you improve the precision of this experiment?
  • yeast suspension (100g/dm3)

  • Sucrose solution (0.4moldm-3)

  • thermometer

  • access to hot and cold water

  • 1dm3 beaker for carrying water

  • 20cm3 syringe

  • weight

  • trough

  • marker pen

  • glass rod

  • timer

Hazard Risk Control measure

Yeast solution - irritant to eyes

Contact with eyes

Eye: flood with tap water (10min)