13. Investigation into stomatal numbers in leaves

  • 01:24 Why do you calculate the mean number of stomata?
  • 01:38 What is the actual diameter of the field of view in mm?
  • 01:45 What is the radius of the field of view (r)?
  • 01:49 What is the area of the field of view in mm2 (πr2)?
  • 01:56 What is the mean number of stomata per mm2?
  • leaves

  • white tile

  • fine forceps

  • fine scissors / scalpel

  • clear nail varnish / PVA glue

  • microscope slides

  • cover slips

  • dropping pipette

  • deionised water

  • microscope

Hazard Risk Control measure

Scalpel / scissors

Cuts to skin

Cut downwards and away from body